How Snapchat's new feature of tagging in Stories can help brands promotions

Snapchat have introduced several new features, which includes the ability to tag friends in Stories, with the "Mentions" feature allowing users to tag friends in their Stories uploaded to the platform.

The tagging feature in ephemeral 24-hour snaps is perhaps something "influencers" will be particularly excited about because it will allow these class of users the ability to tag a brand for promotional purposes with a click-through link to their huge number of followers.

Though borrowed from Instagram, given that Instagram had formerly been accused of ripping off the Story feature from Snapchat, but ironically Snapchat is now reportedly adding the ability to tag other users in stories with a link to their profile akin to Instagram.

It works as you type out a username in the text field on image or video in Stories starting with "@" character, and viewers will be able to tap on it to bring up a new menu. The viewers will be able to swipe up and add the person as a friend or watch their public stories. And the person you tag will be notified in the chat window.

Other feature announced is the group video chat, which will allow about 16 friends to conduct a video chat simultaneously. And it allow a maximum of up to 32 people to join a group voice chat, If you have more number of participants.

The company had initially introduced one-on-one voice and video calling back in 2016, which it claims users made millions of calls each day.

The new group video/voice call and tagging features will be rolling out globally to all users on bother Android and iOS over the next couple of weeks.
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