Facebook brings Augmented Reality (AR) drawing and Boomerang GIFs to Stories

Facebook continues with slew of improvements as it brings additional features to the Camera to make it a more capable tool to shoot creative contents, and allowing users to draw on the world around them in AR and shoot back-and-forth the Boomerang GIFs.

The AR tool allow users of Facebook Camera to scribble on the virtual world around them, and then, on moving the Camera see the markings in place. According to John Barnett, Facebook Camera Product Manager, the “3D drawing” feature give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them.

And Facebook Camera users can add the AR drawings before or while they’re recording, and it also allows them to draw out something on a frame, which then is panned or zoomed to reveal it.

The technology understands the corners and objects in a room, by which users could use to detect surfaces like walls and tables to wrap the drawing onto them.

While Facebook launched its AR effects in early 2017 and had since added AR tracker target experiences that's triggered by real-world posters or QR codes, this new feature may perhaps make AR more appealing to youngsters.

And the looping GIF creation which was added to the Facebook Camera a year ago, is potentially being replaced by Boomerang’s back-and-forth animated video clips.

Facebook Camera Product Manager, John Barnett described the feature as easy “3D drawing” and confirms that it's rolling out to users over the coming weeks.
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