Microsoft's Windows 10 Fall update makes Edge the default browser for opening links in Mail app

While Microsoft's ploy of Windows 10 as an edge-bait, which automatically reset users browser preference to Edge on upgrade hasn't seen much success, it now has made the built-in Edge browser the default for opening of links within the Windows Mail app in the Fall update.

And including the technical tussle required for people to reset their browser, introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10, now taking more than twice the number of clicks, while scrolling through hidden settings.

But still, Microsoft’s Edge browser usage has steadily gone down, and perhaps, many users haven’t really hit the “make default” button on Windows 10 to Edge, keeping in their old comfort zone usually with Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft will try a new trick to push Windows 10 users into running Edge, by enforcing link opening from the Windows Mail app and its messages to display in the browser.

The latest preview of Windows 10's Fall feature upgrade, currently version 1809 in Microsoft's yymm label format, has made Edge the default browser with responsibilities for opening links within messages.

It was first detected in the build 17623 of the "Skip Ahead" version of Windows Insider, which is offered to the limited number of Insider participants the company allow to continue with the latest code during the month or longer run-up to a release of one of the twice-annual feature upgrades.

Albeit, it isn't clear if the Edge-related change introduced in build 17623 will remain in place long enough to appear in the 1809 feature upgrade. Microsoft has scheduled to ship the spring upgrade, designated as 1803, sometime in early April, 2018.
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