Twitter set to simplify the 'Verified' system to accommodate more users

Twitter "verified" status was originally conceived as a way to let users know a celebrity's account wasn't fake, while the program had over the years expanded to other public figures (including, politicians and journalists).

Now, the company is planning to expand the blue check-mark verification badge to more of its users, as the current system is rather meant to only indicate authenticity, according to Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO in a Periscope livestream.

Twitter is working on a new process to verify people's identity and ensure credibility, in an effort to further its mission to rehabilitate the network and its reputation following criticism of hosting tons of hate subcultures and misinformation.

As the current verified system is rather broken, because it has turned to status symbol, and the check-mark is now seen as a form of endorsement.

The company is especially focused on ensuring that accounts for candidates in elections are verified, with concerns that the Russian government-backed infiltrators might attempt to influence the upcoming US elections.

Twitter aims to make the verification system one of the most trusted services in the world, with the further expansion of the program.
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