Facebook's new tools allow users to take more control of Privacy

Following the privacy furore about how data obtained by Cambridge psychology professor Aleksandr Kogan was abused, aka Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook will now allow users delete anything from their profile and timeline, or even outright denial of Facebook the use of their data.

While other measures taken by the social network to ensure users privacy include bringing the privacy settings to the top of News Feed with the apps granted permissions to data by the user and an easy way to revoke the permissions.

The new privacy tools will help users have more controls over their data and be able to choose which specific parts of their data they no longer want Facebook to share with advertisers and which specific posts, reactions, comments and profile details to delete.

According to Facebook, some of these updates have been in the works for some time, but the events of the past several days underscore their importance.

The steps taken by Facebook to put people in more control over their privacy include: Simplified privacy settings, Information tool that lets you access, manage and delete information from your profile or timeline, and tools to manage who sees your posts or what you've shared on the network.

Additionally, Facebook has made it possible for you to download all of your data: like photos, contacts or posts and be able to move it to any other social network.

And perhaps, those users who formerly cared less about their privacy, would probably do now, as the events of the past weeks and the #DeleteFacebook tag have opened their eyes to demand more control of their data.
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