Twitch goes social with always-on Chatrooms for the Web and mobile app

The game streaming platform, Twitch has launched a social feature called “Rooms” - an always-on chat room available for both the Web and mobile users worldwide.

While the launch was delayed from last year-end, as the company had announced back at its developer event TwitchCon in October, 2017. The launch follows some major changes on Twitch, like the update to the community policies to crack down on harassment and sexual explicit content.

Twitch Rooms, which are rather custom chat groups are available from the channel page, and anyone with Twitch account can set up a room, though creators can host up to 3 Rooms. And channel owners can create a “Room” for any specific group of users – including their channels’ subscribers, moderators, followers, or others with shared interests.

Albeit, the use case could be to present topics that would rather make sense to hide from the publicly accessible main group chat.

The Rooms can equally be used for any other topic of the creators’ choosing, whether related to gaming or not, just like the main Stream Chat which can host any unrelated messages, memes, or even outright jokes.

Twitch allow the channel’s community to stay connected and chat even when the creator isn’t streaming, and it also allow people to move messages back-and-forth of the main chat to a sub-chat or even make invisible to general viewing.

Though moderator chats are always private, the creator can choose to allow all viewers to preview their Subscriber chat Room, even if they can’t participate. The design, according to Twitch is based on requests from the community, but Twitch will not tolerate any hateful content.
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