Apple fixes "text bomb" Glitch that could allow Anyone crash the iPhone

The "text bomb" glitch could allow a would-be attacker crash your iPhone by sending a malicious URL within text message, and once the recipient’s phone processes it for preview, the device would freeze, with the home screen crashing and doing other weird stuff.

While all that's required is a link containing malicious code on iMessage, and the security glitch can result freezing of your iPhone, and, in some cases, outright crashing.

The vulnerability was first uncovered by Abraham Masri, a software developer who intially tagged it “chaiOS,” a bug that would allow others to freeze your iPhone with little more than a quick text message.

Apple, though rarely mention about the details of any bug had already pushed out iOS 11.2.5, to fix the glitch and security notes that it compiled from the links received in text messages as processed and presented by victims' devices.

The bug can also affect Mac computers, according to Masri, though no fixes had been issued for now as at the time of this post.

The company had credited Masri for finding the bug, also teasing the HomePod speaker, and Siri new abilities like ability to read the news (which is only available in the U.S., U.K. and Australia for now) in the released security fix.
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