Twitter goes full gear on Fight Against Harassment and Abuse

Twitter has released more details on how it will punish those engaging in hateful behavior, with updated policy aimed at reducing the amount of harassment and abusive content on the platform.

While the changes include the following: prohibitions against users promoting violence and hate speech via their bios; with the prospect of a ban on accounts featuring hate symbols and images, and permanent suspension of accounts threatening violence.

The updated policy came as scheduled on Twitter's safety calendar, which specifies when changes to halt abuse will take effect. Twitter, however maintains that its efforts remain a work in progress and that it will likely tweak how it applies its policies overtime.

It follows the social network's vow to curb chronic harassment and hate speech, even as it aims to achieve its stated mission of providing a totally free platform for expression.

And at least 20 notable accounts receive the hammer (either banned or suspended) as a result of the new rules, including Jayda Fransen official account, the American Nazi Party and white nationalist Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance group.

Twitter rules against organizations whose accounts promotes violence may be subject to some penalties or even outright suspension.

The company added that it will have a range of options for enforcement, with a focus on context and behavior, also that those rules don't apply to "military or government entities and they will consider exceptions for groups that are currently engaging in (or have engaged in) peaceful resolution.
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