Why Jobs requiring more Tech proficiency pay more?

Brookings Institution, a century-old American research group in its Metropolitan Policy Program, reported based on a study that in the last decade an increasingly broad range of jobs requires employees to work with computers on a daily basis.

While those highly digital jobs have seen higher productivity growth, as such, such jobs requiring more tech proficiency also pay more.

The Brookings' report analyzed changes in the digital needs of over 500 occupations covering 90 per cent of the workforce in select industries from 2001 - 2016.

For workers in highly digital occupations, the mean annual wage range reached $72,896 in 2016. While those in mid-level digital jobs earned $48,274 and the low-level digital jobs were paid $30,393.

And all these earnings can’t be explained away by just academic qualification: in respective of the worker level of education, computer skills still brought in a premium wage — one that’s almost doubled since 2002.

The more savvy you are with a computer affects your salary in jobs far outside computer science fields.

According to the report, Agriculture and construction jobs have the least level of digitization and lower pay. While Finance, insurance and media are among the industries that require the most tech ability, and saw some of the highest growth in digitization in the last decade.
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