Twitter's removal of “bisexual” in search for photos and news

Twitter blocked the search for the word “bisexual” in photos and news earlier, which angered quite not so few people, but the company responded that the removal of the search results for certain terms were “an error.”

While Twitter claimed it was due to an error, some users aren’t quite convinced as to the rationale behind such an incidence.

As the removal could be seen as a form of discrimination and purposely disallowing people to search for items such as images and news articles of the term labeling one’s sexuality.

According to Twitter, the teams are working quickly to resolve it:

Twitter, though maintains that they don’t know how this happened, even as the removal only seems to affect the label of sexuality.

The company still have other seriously derogatory terms like “Hitler,” or “Nazi” which were not removed; neither the Russian bot problem, seemingly taking ages to fix.
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