Twitter implement "safeguards" on Trump Account to Prevent Deactivation

Following Thursday's saga in the U.S. president's personal Twitter account deactivation, Twitter said it has “implemented safeguards" to prevent this sort of mishap from happening again.

While Trump’s Twitter handle has been a subject of mixed reactions, not only because the U.S. president makes the most controversial tweets, but because he has tweeted more than 36,000 times.

As such, the attempt at halting the controversial tweets were cheered by many; but others were worried concerning the lack of employee culture at Twitter.

The company in a tweet on Friday, confirmed the new safeguards, thus:

Though, it's understandable that Twitter gave some employees the rights to suspend the accounts of bots, and those who engage in violation of its rules; but wouldn’t it have at least required extra check on the deactivation of such a public figure?

Twitter has been grappling with increasing issues of trolling and abuse, whilst the social media company has had the most difficult time tweaking its rules to protect the experience and safety of its users.

The company, for the first time, has made public how they communicate with people who violate their rules, and how the enforcement processes work.
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