Skype pitches Photo Effects to take on Instagram and Snapchat

Skype has introduced a new feature called “Photo Effects” (or rather photo stickers), which comprises of face masks, decorative borders, and witty captions, among others.

The Photo Effects feature is a direct take-on on Instagram and Snapchat, but unlike the photo stickers on the other social apps, Skype suggests the stickers to use based on the photo’s content, day of the week, or other  such criteria.

It is based on a technology introduced earlier by Microsoft in its camera app called Sprinkles. While the Sprinkles app leverages machine learning to do things like detect faces in photos, suggest captions, figure out someone's celebrity look-a-like and determine age and emotion.

The app also lets you swipe through the suggestions, with various props to add to your photo, funny captions, and stickers displaying your celebrity look-a-like, among others.

Skype suggestion of its photo effects is automatic and on a press of a button; as you swipe through the suggestions, you’re prompted to add items like a smart face sticker, your location, a caption that references the day or even a mystery face swap.

And the image thus created can be shared with friends in a conversation or posted to Skype’s new Highlights feature, which is rather an Instagram/Snapchat Stories clone.

The Photo Effects is launching on Skype for Android and iOS, and the roll out have already started, but will reach all users over the coming week.
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