Opera brings VR Support and 360 video streaming capabilities

Opera's plan to rethink and modernize the browser as part of its Reborn project continues, as the desktop browser will now let you stream 360 videos to your Vive or Occulus headset.

While the Reborn Opera introduced a slew of new features, the browser's usage share isn't taken off, as it's still playing catch up to Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Other previous features include built-in browser support for chat apps like: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, among others. Opera's latest update for VR support, will enable users stream 360 degree videos to their HTC Vive or Occulus headset, as well as any OpenVR devices.

According to the company, Opera desktop browser has grown by 65 percent in the US, 64 percent in France, and UK by 50 percent.

Besides VR Support, Opera browser now lets you edit screenshots, as well as letting you snap selfies with your laptop. You can download the new Opera browser now on the official website.
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