Just after 280-character support; Twitter expands to 50-character display name

Twitter’s former limit of 140-character is rather a holdover, but the company finally expanded tweets to 280 character, and now, it fixes another important issue with the support for 50-character display name.

While the username function doesn’t change a user’s Twitter handle, but it could be useful for users with long names.

The move may be far more impacting that the 280 character expansion, and will help unlock engagement; albeit many are disappointment that the company hasn't given much attention to long-standing issues like: trolling, or abuse on the platform.

The increase in the length of a display name to 50 characters makes room for adding a middle name or even a few more emojis.

However, it only applies to display names and not to the usernames (the username is what follows the @ symbol, often referred to as a "Twitter handle"), which still remains, unwittingly pegged to 15 characters limit.
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