Google's Trusted Web Activities to allow a WebView for Apps content in fullscreen

Google announced Trusted Web Activities at the Chrome Dev Summit, which is to enable a greater user experience in certain applications, allowing Android apps to directly include “app-like” content from the provider’s own site served with the benefit of custom tabs running fullscreen.

It offers a way to integrate trusted web content into native Android apps, so that developers can leverage the installed Google Chrome web renderer to power contents directly from the web in their apps.

The capability ensures up-to-date content, and helps smooth out native-to-web transitions sharing experience.

Albeit, Trusted Web Activities are similar to Chrome Custom Tabs, but offer greater control over the web experience, while the Custom Tabs are intended for generic web content.

As Trusted Web Activities are meant for content related to a specific app, it completely eliminates the need to show the browser toolbar.

Google will be including Trusted Web Activities in Chrome’s canary and developer channels, with APIs provided in Android support library, so other browsers can provide the capability as well.

This new method of rendering content will potentially allow for a better user experience, and perhaps is the future for web apps.
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