Mozilla recommends Firefox Developer Tools for testing web applications

Mozilla has recommended the native Firefox Developer Tools to developers to test web applications and HTML issues, with the erstwhile Firebug web tool now scheduled for discontinuation, marking 12 years since the open source add-on has held sway on the browser.

Starting with Firefox Quantum (version 57), support for the Firebug tool that lets developers to debug code in the browser, as well as inspect CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in webpages will be dropped.

While the company commenced the migration of Firebug features to the built-in Firefox debugging tools in 2016, with the native Firefox developer tools now including a page inspector, web console, JavaScript debugger, and network monitor.

Albeit, Firebug still has over one million people using it, stated Jan Honza Odvarko, head of the Firebug project.

Mozilla's goal, however is to make debugging native to Firefox, even as many extensions built for Firebug were actually extensions for Firefox. The company has made available a detailed guide on migrating from Firebug to Firefox Developer Tools.

To try out Firefox Developer Tools, you'll need to download Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition or update to the current Firefox browser.
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