Instagram to Facebook Stories cross-posting now live

The Instagram cross-posting feature has been on testing since last month, which is to offer the option to syndicate Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Now, the feature is rolling out to all users with the exception of business accounts, since not supported on Facebook Stories.

The feature will eliminate the annoyance of manual syndication, which takes extra time and leads to poor image quality as posts are re-uploaded.

Albeit, users won’t be able to do the reverse, that is posting Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories, though the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility in the future.

Other enhancements to Facebook Stories, includes it becoming focal point for both posts from Facebook app Camera and its augmented reality platform.

Though, the Stories feature was originally cloned from Snapchat, but it hasn't really taken off as the later, even as it has been criticized as redundant, despite Facebook huge global followership.

The new syndication feature could however bring a ton of content to Facebook Stories, and may perhaps turn the rather ghost town becoming status to a more vibrant ecosystem.
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