New Bug in Apple's iMessage infuriate iPhone users

Apple's product lineup have one notable distinction - how tightly integrated the different devices are - and all the user contents are accessible across every other Apple device; which continuity allow users to easily migrate contents when switching device.

For instance, if you're not done reading an article on Safari in the office Mac, on your commute home, you can pick up from where you left on your iPad or iPhone with only a tap.

This integration between iOS devices and macOS devices can also be experienced in the Messaging apps, with iMessage conversations on an iPhone or iPad are mirrored on a Mac as long as the user is logged into the same iCloud account on both devices.

The same is also true for text messages if the option is enabled, the feature make many Apple's device users to imply they can't live without one, but now a little new bug is making may think otherwise.

While the ability to move over conversations between devices is perhaps the best thing about iPhone and Mac, Apple’s latest update to macOS High Sierra has broken this key functionality for a number of users.

As it appears, many users have not been receiving notifications when new messages arrive on their iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch even with their Mac computers powered on; which making matters even worse, the notifications on Mac are hugely delayed, that affected users don’t know when they receive messages even when working on their Mac.

According to AppleInsider, even the latest available betas still don’t fix this annoying problem, but the only thing that seem to get messaging working again on an iPhone, albeit temporarily, is to either disable Messages on the Mac or simply shut down the computer.
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