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Inflatables are objects that can be inflated with gas, usually with air; while its advantage is that it can be stored in a small space when not inflated. is a leading manufacturer of inflatable products including bubble soccer, zorb ball, inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, water game equipment, etc.

With large stock of inflatable products on the website, it is rather more convenient to buy it online than in store, or buy it for sale and rent it for the cheaper budget.

The key advantage of inflatables is that it can be stored in a small space when not inflated, since inflatables depend on the presence of a gas to maintain their size and shape.

And as function fulfillment per mass used compared with non-inflatable strategies is a key differential, inflatables have replaced the plastic blow-molded yard decorations used as Christmas décor at many U.S. homes, and are also now used as Halloween décor and for other occasions as well.

Inflatables for Fun!

Zorbing is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of inflated transparent plastic, and can also be carried out on water along with water slide, provided the orb is inflated properly and sealed once the rider is inside.

While many orbs have straps to hold the rider in place, others leave the rider free to walk the orb around or be tossed about freely by the rolling motion. offers most amazing Zorb balls and Zorb tracker which affords the safest and injury-free experience for newbie riders.

Decorative inflatables

Inflatables which comes in various sizes and shapes have ultimately replaced the plastic blow-molded yard decorations, been made of synthetic fabric of different colors sewn together in assorted patterns.

They are made in many popular characters, including Santa Claus and snowmen for Christmas, and ghosts and jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

There are also inflatable snow globes which blow tiny styrofoam beads around on the inside, the blower's air jet picking them up and through a tube to the top, where they fall down inside the clear vinyl front.

With airtrack, inflatable spars, inflatable wings, and tensairity-enhanced inflatable bladders providing a means to structure practical objects. Whatever may be your requirements, has got spectacular stockpile of the most creative inflatables to cater for your various needs.
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