Google Allo gets a Web client with support for Android

Google's formal release of the Allo web client has finally happened, as was revealed in a tweet by Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Product earlier in the year. Going forward, Google Allo can be used on the Chrome browser on desktop by scanning a QR code from your Android phone.

While Google's messaging strategy for Android may seem a bit confusing at the comment, with Allo's Google Assistant integration and Gmail-like Smart Reply that lets you reply with a single tap, now finding its way to the Web is commendable.

And the support for Google Assistant is perhaps the first time the digital Assistant is coming to the desktop.

Allo’s messaging app utilizes stickers, with adjustable text sizes, and the Smart Reply “learns" as you use the service, the more ‘you’ use it the better it becomes with the suggestions.

It also has an incognito mode for chats, and allowing you to set it to self-destruct, coupled with private notifications.

Allo web client uses a similar pairing system as WhatsApp to connect with your mobile device, and for now it works only with Android phones; but support for iPhone will follow soon, as confirmed by Google.

To use the Allo Web client, you need to first open Allo on your Android phone and scroll to “Allo for web” in the mobile app’s menu. From there, select “Scan QR code” to launch the web client in Google’s Chrome browser.
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