SQLBak Review: SQL Server Database Backup and Monitoring Tool

SQL Server is a relational database management system with the main function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications, which serves as a backup and the backbone of any business. And for the SQL Server to run smoothly and able to analyze progresses, it is of the utmost importance to manage it efficiently, and maintaining latest database backups, which makes it easy to restore after data loss.

SQLBak is an awesome utility program that can effectively enable system administrators to manage and monitor all Server processes with the online SQL Server backup system.

Installing SQLBak is relatively simple and takes minimum time, by simply downloading the setup file provided from manufacturer, you can install it on any latest SQL Server running computer.

How to backup Database with SQLBak

To backup large SQL Server database with the help of SqlBak, you will need to follow some basic recommendations to speed up the backup process.

First, you’ll need to register a new account (kindly take note of a generated serial key generated during the signup process) to get your personalized and very own dashboard to manage, schedule or maintain SQL server backup copy.

Then, you’ll need to activate the program with the generated serial key to match the source and destination of SQL backup copy.

And note, if you need to backup large database, you must make sure that you have enough free space on your local drive. Even if backups are to be stored in the cloud, you still need to have enough free space on your local drive to keep the temporary files.

The temporary files folder can be accessed on SQLBak backup job settings “Backup options” menu, there you can specify a folder on your local drive on “Temp files folder” box. If your local drive is divided into several partitions, it is recommended that you use the biggest available.

Backing up several Database

If you need to backup many databases in one backup job, you can use “Backup one DB, send, repeat (as opposed to backup all, then send all)” option, which is located at the “Backup options” menu. If you checked that option, then SqlBak will backup each database one after the other.

This option, however is disabled by default, and for SQLBak to backup and compress all databases, first select the “Compression” menu from the drop down list at “Archive format” section.

Also, you can speed up the compression procedure with the “More 7-zip compression” options. As SQLBak offers compression technology to lower the size of backup copy and get maximum storage capacity on the cloud hosting website or local storage drive.

Our Verdict: SQLBak is perhaps the most advanced utility to carryout backups in real time and guarantees bulletproof security by storing data on the Cloud with lowest possibility of data lose or accidental deletion.
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