Amazon prepping a messaging app to compliment calls/videos with Alexa

While Amazon already have Alexa calling feature which allow users to call and text each other for free through Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or the Alexa app; unconfirmed report has it that the company is working on a new messaging service called Anytime.

Anytime app will be available for smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart watches with focus to let people chat with text and video, and enable users to be able to order for food in a group chat, and/or split bills.

The tip off came from AFTV News, with screenshots detailing the Anytime name and possible features, provided by a user who claimed to have received a survey from Amazon.

According to the survey notes, the Anytime app will allow users to connect to each other without need to know their phone numbers, which is perhaps a differentiation from other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber.

Also, the service claims to keep chats private and allow users to “encrypt important messages like bank account details".

It's still unclear, however how it might be tied to Amazon shopping, or how Amazon will finalize with the branding — given that Twitch, its video streaming site doesn't feature Amazon's name or logo on site.
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