What is “Super Hearts” reward for video creators on Periscope?

Twitter in a bid for its video service, Periscope not to suffer same fate as Vine, which basically shutdown because it failed to pay creators on the platform, resulting them to take their audiences to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube; will be rolling out a new way to reward video creators on Periscope.

According to the company, Periscope will offer “super hearts” reward which is essentially a way for the audience to tip a creator by sending a virtual heart, and on accumulation of $175 worth of super hearts, creators can then cash out the digital goods for cash.

While creators will receive about 70 percent of the actual value, with the remaining 30 percent going to items like fees and payment processing.

Albeit, creators can also have a way of cashing in on live contents, considering that there may be opportunities for people to stream explicit content for cash, as has been a popular business model with many livestreaming apps.

Twitter, however says that in order to receive super hearts, a creator has to go through a content review process and fill out a tax form.

Though it’s still unclear if any of those fees are going to Twitter, and the actual number of creators using the platform on a daily or even monthly basis.

The "Super Hearts" reward is live in the app update to Periscope on iOS and Android, but only available in the U.S. for now.
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