Snapchat's new location feature, "Snap Map" in Privacy row

The newly introduced Snapchat location feature, "Snap Map" which allow users to track other people’s location in real time, is heating up debate among privacy advocates, as many are concern about the likelihood of strangers using it to stalk victims.

While, Snap Maps pitches users and their snaps onto a map so friends and other permitted Snapchatters can be able to know where and perhaps what they're doing at any moment.

It displays a map of nearby friends, showing their latest location gathered using a smartphone's GPS sensor, with the aim to help friends meet up or attend events together, but alas it raises concerns that it could be abused.

Albeit, Snapchat isn’t the first social media company to allow location tracking, Facebook also have check-ins and the “share location” Messenger function which allow people to track their contacts in real-time.

According to the company, the location-sharing is off by default and completely optional, stressing that the safety of its community is very important. As Snapchatters can choose who they want to share their location with, if at all, and can change that setting anytime.

Adding that it’s impossible to share your location with someone who isn’t already your friend on Snapchat; with majority of interactions on Snapchat taking place between close friends.

If you want to access the map feature, open the app and pinch to zoom out on the screen, then the map will display the local area, and users can change whether or not they are visible to others within the app’s settings.
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