AI Security: Gmail to employ Machine Learning to stop Hackers

While phishing has become widespread, most email users are lacking in the knowledge about the sophisticated nature of such attacks, which usually result them falling for hackers antics; but Google is betting its machines won't be tricked as easily.

According to Google, over 50 per cent of messages received in it's email service are spam, many of which are crafted to deceive people.

And as a result Google has got a massive job to protect these users from hackers, and like its earlier phishing detection systems, Google is bringing in AI security to track suspicious messages, which the machines will analyze to make sure it's not a phishing bait.

The AI security system uses machine learning from Google's Safe Browsing, which warns against a page with malware, to detect the likelihood of a malicious message.

And the automated system will close off any breaking-in point, and Gmail will warn about the phishing URLs and links that may lead to compromise.

This is coming on the heels of the recent Google Docs phishing attack which affected about 0.1 per cent of Gmail users, leading to the current Google's OAuth services review.

Google have stated that a delay should be expected in message delivery, as a result of the machine intervention which may account for less than 0.05 percent of messages. But assures that its models adapt more quickly than manual systems, and would get better overtime.
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