Why Windows 10 S browser restriction to Edge isn't a moot point?

Microsoft unveiled its weapon to battle Google's domination of schools with Chromebooks in the form of Windows 10 S powered laptops; while Windows 10 S is essentially a lite version of Windows 10 designed expressly for educational usage.

The new operating system shares the same underlying architecture as the standard version of Windows 10, but with notable differences in some areas: like streamlined for simplicity and extra secure.

Also it run apps exclusively from Microsoft’s Windows Store; albeit traditional desktop applications will be supported only if its developer packages it as a Windows app in the Windows Store.

In the same exclusivity, Windows 10 S restrict users default browser to Microsoft Edge, and search engine to Bing.com.

And users can't change the default browser or search engine, however, they can always navigate away to other search engine, like Google.com on the browser, but all default search-commands will only point to Edge browser.

Well, its pertinent to note that major browsers like Chrome and Firefox are not available in the Windows Store anyway, so what's the argument?
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