Why Instagram Offline Mode on Android really matters?

Instagram, the Facebook-owned company announced a new offline mode for its Android app at the company's F8 developers conference, unlike "YouTube Go" on Android which cater for slow connections, the offline mode offers the ability to view content that has already been uploaded in your feed, like posts/photos, unfollow users, as well as save images and videos.

While Instagram isn't the first to offer offline mode, the feature is most befitting, as it isn't just practicable for users to snap an Instagram photo and upload it straightaway.

And reason may be that you're in a rush, or the scenery you're shooting is pretty remote and there isn't a data connection.

The offline mode address this problem across the platform allowing for the liking of photos, comments, saving, and once data connection is re-established, the actions made will be uploaded to Instagram's servers.

It's specifically beneficial for countries or regions where internet access may be limited, as the company noted that around 80 per cent of its users are outside of the United States.

However, there isn't support for Instagram stories at present, owing to the large amount of data required by the feature. And Instagram hasn't made it possible to upload images as new posts in the offline mode.

The feature is only available on the Android app, but the company has promised bringing the offline mode to iOS devices in coming months.
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