Microsoft bypass two-step authentication with app access to Account

While the use of Authenticator to sign-in to Microsoft Account isn't working for logging in to Windows 10 PCs, it's still available for website sign-ins that require Microsoft Account, such as,, and, etc.

Now, instead of the Authenticator for two-step authentication, Microsoft Account owners can use the app to sign into the Account anywhere without a password.

The Microsoft Authenticator app for Android and iOS makes it possible for users to sign into Microsoft Account without a password, albeit, it takes a bit more or at least as much steps as required by two-step authentication.

Before now, Microsoft two-step authentication app is somewhat complicated, making something that's supposed to ease login even more difficult.

When a user tries to log into Microsoft account, instead of requiring you to enter an authentication code on your PC, the app will pop-up an alert to let you authorize the login with a tap on your mobile device.

As usual, it follows the process that requires you to enter your email address on the first page, and then when you get to the second page click “Use the Microsoft Authenticator app instead” at the bottom of the page.

Next, you’ll be shown a two-digit number on the webpage, and a notification on your phone, which on tapping the notification, will display the three two-digit numbers. Then simply choose the corresponding number from the webpage, and then tap Approve.

However, you'd need to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play, and add your Microsoft account, to get started.
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