Improvements coming to Chrome Cast Tab Mirroring for better video-streaming

Before now, streaming of video from services that don’t support Chromecast means tab casting with poor video quality, with lots of stutter and random jumps in audio. And since cast tab mirroring from a PC is currently the only way to get Amazon Video on Chromecast, given that quality is so terrible, Amazon Video has become essentially unavailable.

The Chrome Dev Channel now got improvements with the "Cast a tab" feature by forwarding the video content bitstream directly to the Chromecast device when a video is full-screened.

This simple feature allows the video quality to remain intact, and it works with any unsupported video online, especially beneficial for Amazon Video users since the service is unlikely to support Chromecast due to the availability of Fire TV.

The feature is now available through an experimental flag in recent versions of Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromecast.

And for Chromecast device owners who want to give it a spin: Go to chrome://flags/#media-remoting, enable the highlighted flag, restart Chrome, go to, play a random video, click "Cast..." in the Chrome menu and fullscreen the video to enjoy the experience.
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