WhatsApp to enable Businesses reach its users directly for possible revenue sources

WhatsApp has been grappling with monetization issues, now the Facebook owned company seems to be heading to the direction of enterprise users to realize this goal, as it demos a new tool that will enable businesses reach its mammoth crowd directly for the first time.

The new tool which is currently in testing with a handful of companies that are part of the Y Combinator start-up incubator, is perhaps an early signal on the direction the messaging platform intends to make money from its massively popular service.

According to messages posted on a Y Combinator forum, WhatsApp struck a deal with Y Combinator, which provides training and advice to startups that show potential, to have a small number of them take part in an early trial.

While, some other possible means include allowing users to initiate a transaction from their bank directly on the app, or/and to make payment for a flight with hotel reservations.

The company has been carrying out surveys about the extent to which users talk to businesses on WhatsApp, and whether there are issues of spam, according to revealed documents.

The documents suggest, however that WhatsApp is perhaps wary about its users having to put up with spam messages, citing examples such as a user talking to a bank about a fraudulent transaction or to an airline about a delayed flight.
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