Predictions for 2017: AI, AR, & VR goes Mainstream; Talking machines Everywhere

While 2016 witnessed huge strides in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR)in particular, the New Year 2017 is set to bring these rather geek-exclusive innovations to the mainstream, with their integration into more devices around the home.

AI's awesome potential as shown in tools like Amazon's home assistant, Alexa, is now being tapped into to power everything from driver-less cars to even medical research.

And more people may start to see them as an intuitive way to access services than tapping on a screen, as they become integrated into more devices around the home.

Augmented reality (AR) is obviously on a resurgence thanks to the huge success of Pokemon Go, and a host of tech companies are expected to explore the technology in more depth in the New Year.

Meanwhile, VR headsets are still on the high side, but as competition in the market continues to grow, they will gradually become more accessible.

There is always a rush to take up the next big thing, as the tech industry rides on hype, albeit, the case of artificial intelligence is apparently justified.
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