Microsoft's Beam game-streaming service goes live with Xbox integration

Microsoft’s Beam, a game-streaming service, now upgraded to “Pro” is live. It features game streaming up to 1440p resolution at 60Hz with Xbox Live integration, which probably means that this will be the default streaming service for the Xbox platform.

While Microsoft acquired Beam last summer, the upgrade to Beam pro, has now tied Beam to Microsoft account, instead of a dedicated Beam ID save for the new option to log in with your Xbox Live account.

Albeit, the company had announced the rolling out the Beam pro upgrade to select users, the service is about now live for all users.

The upgraded Beam game-streaming service is perhaps Microsoft's take-on on Twitch and YouTube gaming, even as it brings Windows and Xbox players together, instead of moving on to other third-party services.

Beam pro update includes 1440p 60fps streams and “super-high motion” 1080p; and a 5X improvement in speed; as well as 60fps rendering performance for videos displayed on the site.

Microsoft Xbox Live support for Beam means better user verification, as the company is bringing more interesting additions with dedicated “mature” gaming streams to authenticated users who are 18 and above.

Beam pro upgrade also added video player, a revamped homepage, and “chat” improvements that include a new polling interface.
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