Net Applications: Microsoft Edge & IE decline by 2.3 per cent

Microsoft’s woes continues, as over 39 million users have moved from using its browsers, according to web analytics report by Net Applications, which for October, recorded a fall of 2.3 percentage points, the second-largest ever for Microsoft’s browsers, behind only May’s lose of 2.7 points.

The report pegged the combined user share of Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge at 28.4% for October, while IE has shed 20.2 percentage points in 2016 alone.

Microsoft’s bane, surprisingly isn't Chrome, rather Mozilla’s Firefox has usurped its usage share by nearly 2 percentage points, to 11.1%.

Firefox has wiped out a year's losses in just two months, and recovered almost all the losses it incurred during the past year, with the increase for September and October pretty unprecedented.

Albeit, Microsoft deserters had previously ended up as gain for Google’s Chrome, the gains has slowed the last two months, as Chrome upped six-tenths of a percentage point to its share in October, over a third of the average for the last 12 months.

While Net Applications’ data for browser user share puts the collapse of IE and Edge in terms of millions of users, as at the end of October, IE and Edge have approximately 466 million users, down by 40 million from September’s 506 million.

The data may perhaps represent an adjustments for Firefox’s performance, and thus the steady decline it previously portrayed for the year, which since January 1, IE and Edge have lost about 331 million users.
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