Uber Driver App: Is your Account Deactivated; Steps to get it restored

The Uber mobile "app" allows users to submit a trip request, which the app then automatically sends to the driver nearest to the user, alerting the driver to the location of the user, while the drivers (denoted as "Uber partner drivers") make use of their own personal vehicles.

Uber services as at August 2016 is available in over 66 countries, including Nigeria and 507 cities worldwide.

But, recently in Nigeria there has been a spate of Uber partner drivers account deactivation, owing mainly to amassed poor ratings (given by riders), which ranges from 4 stars and below.

While the partner drivers are indirectly responsible for the poor ratings, there's really little they can do to influence favorable high ratings from riders to avoid account deactivation.

And for the partner drivers who have fallen victim already, there's hope to regain your account, and return to full service.

Uber has made it mandatory for every failed driver (partner driver with account deactivated) to undergo an online test, which can be accessed at the web address: http://t.uber.com/ssa_online and drivers are required to input their full name, with mobile number to match their Uber account details.

The online test comprises 7 different sections, and modules that covers general knowledge questions about the Uber Driver app, including the best practice for Uber drivers and safety procedures.

Without successful completion of a section you can't move over to the next, and precision in answering the different questions is rewarded with a higher percentage, whereby if a correct answer is attained in one attempt results a higher percentage mark.

And overall, if any driver fails to attain an accumulated 90% score in the test, no certificate will be issued, but you're allowed a-one-section resit (usually, only section 7) to try to recoup up to 90% to pass the test.

If successfully, the 90% mark is attained, you'll have to wait for only 24hrs to have your Uber driver account restored.
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