Pokemon Go's next big update lets you walk the Pokemon

The record-breaking augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, latest app version has been mined to reveal that players will soon be able to take their favorite Pokemon down for a walk.

Pokemon GO Buddy system data, which was first unraveled on AeonLucid’s PogoProtos, the biggest Github repository for analyzing Pokemon GO traffic, shows that changes are already present in the code base, and could be getting the underway in the next update.

The code made it clear about how Pokemon could walk alongside a player, with others able to fly along and/or sit beside a player.

While the most recent update to Pokemon Go is the Appraisal feature, which teaches players on their Pokemon's battle readiness, ability to walk Pokemon is perhaps the second big, recent addition coming to the game.

It's expected that the app will receive the entire data package from the server side, similar to how walked egg distance is updated.

Also sighted are two new functions in the Network Requests code base: SetBuddyPokemonMessage and GetBuddyWalkedMessage, albeit, actual implementation is currently missing but their naming clearly indicates the intent.
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