How Microsoft intends to take Office Collaboration to the next Level

Microsoft's Build developer conference in San Francisco on March 31, afforded the jewel of developers the insight on building apps that integrate with Office, allowing them to build applications that know how users work with one another.

The company announced six new APIs to improve the Microsoft Graph, including one that allows developers to see when a group of users is available for a meeting.

The new functionality will let developers build more intelligent applications to help Office users to collaborate, which also help users to effectively embrace Microsoft's productivity suite.

Meanwhile, developers are expected to build add-ins for Office applications — which, add-in will let people to easily schedule appointments with coworkers.

Microsoft also announced Skype for Business mobile and web SDKs, to allow developers embed Skype calls directly within a Web application or device, especially useful to connect people through video chat.

While, Office’s integration with other services is paramount, Microsoft's latest move is seen as direct take-on Google Apps and other productivity suites. Albeit, whether developers will actually choose to pitch with the old warhorse is what remains to be seen.
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