Google Drive: How Google made storage and file sharing more useful on the Cloud

Google Drive has added a checkbox, which now makes it possible to pick which folders on the cloud-based file sharing system are synchronized to your Mac or Windows PC. The checkbox opens up the ability for easier storage and file sharing on the cloud, and with improvement on the file-sharing service, it unlocks more uses for Google Photos.

While, storage on Google Drive isn't a problem in itself, photos and videos, which are automatically backed up from mobile devices, have come to present some difficulties owing to excessive accumulation over the years.

And most users have thereby resorted to occasional deletion of photos and videos to make room on their gadgets, but now, the new Google Drive option makes it possible to choose which folders to sync with your PC.

Google Photos has got lots of interesting features, like sorting photos by person, identifying landmarks and locations, which have now been enhanced by Google's artificial intelligence.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, is perceived as a way to protect data and to share it more securely between phones, tablets and PCs.

Google Drive's new option to preserve and share photos and selected favorites from mobile devices, accessed by selecting "preferences", open the "sync options" tab, and check the folders to sync, is indeed worthwhile.
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