Folks, Gear up for WhatsApp for Business!

WhatsApp scrapping the subscription fee, got many people wondering how the company will go about generating revenue for the service from its huge user base without ads targeting, which definitely isn't what users will accept for privacy issues.

While the reason for scrapping the fee is pretty more than simply moving to a new revenue model, the company had been open about testing tools that allow users to communicate with businesses on the platform.

Albeit, messaging apps for teams to communicate within an organization is already a crowded space, WhatsApp will be leveraging on its user base to scale the competitions.

WhatsApp has introduced document-sharing feature with initial support for PDFs, that lets you send files directly through the popular messaging service.

Perhaps, that's the first call in the expected bevy of new tools that the company promised releasing this year to allow users to communicate with businesses and organizations on the messaging platform.

WhatsApp B2C shift will require additional security measures as businesses will want to make sure that their private information are safe, and the company is working on adding more encryption to the service.

However, it remains to be seen whether WhatsApp plans to charge any extra fees for services, such as Business Account, and end-to-end encryption, as a new revenue strategy.
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