MWC 2016: Will Virtual Reality (VR) take Center Stage?

While, just a few weeks away from the next iteration of the mega show in the technology and smartphone calendar: Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016), it's now more than just about smartphones – as emerging technological breakthroughs, like: wearables are increasingly gaining attention.

As MWC 2016 is about to take-off in Barcelona, we thought it wise to examine the likely position of the emerging technology at the show.

With the tagline 'mobile is everything', it is very obvious that the days of MWC as a niche show for mobile-phone enthusiasts is far gone. Wearables, be it wristband, smart watch or anything else you can attach to your body, is becoming a focal point in MWC and virtual reality (VR) headsets, may eventually steal the show.

From Samsung, HTC or even Facebook, there will definitely be something around VR, which could be a total stunner.

Even with the mass-market launch of wearables, now focused around smart watches, as smart glasses proved less comfortable for consumers, there is still evidence of the evolving market for ‘wearable’ technology getting attention from enterprise.

Samsung may use MWC 2016 to make a bold push for VR - especially, seeing that it was featured so prominently in their pre-conference video teaser.

However, it's those who learn to perfect the commercial and successful enterprise adoption for VR products that will drive the future of the technology, and potentially, attain great importance on MWC.
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