Apple TV: Is Streaming contents (videos, music and games) the future of TV?

Apple's new streaming set top box, Apple TV, has laid the ground work for a truly live TV experience, allowing users to order for whatsoever they're watching right on the screen. Apple TV connects to compatible big screens through HDMI input, while a dedicated App Store ensures unending entertainment contents such as movies and music videos, or even live game streaming.

The iconic fourth generation set box was unveiled on September 9, with a bevy of new features, including an awesome remote touch-pad and Siri voice recognition.

Siri support takes the obvious task off watching TV, allowing users to search and select contents through voice command, and quite capable of sifting through multiple apps at a go to find the exact music, movie or games.

While, the remote touch-pad has two microphones for picking up Siri voice commands, with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that let it double as a game controller.

Apple's focus on a dedicated operating system, tvOS, with powerful hardware ensures better user experience, and effective tools for developers to create apps. It brings a redesigned iOS 9 feel to the TV set, with all the apps highlighted to make it easier to find contents for your TV.

Apple TV includes 2GB RAM, which is ample enough for the device to run a full-fledged App Store, with an A8 chip that's much faster than the A5 in the previous version, supporting up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second.

Albeit, keyboards are not supported, with Bluetooth 4.0 Apple TV can support third-party gaming controllers.

Apple TV is now available for US$ 149 (32GB) and US$ 199 (64GB), depending on the storage space to store apps, games, TV shows, movies, and music.
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