Microsoft HoloLens: Is augmented reality the Future of Computing?

Microsoft HoloLens is untethered holographic device, enabling high-definition holograms to integrate with the real world. It is part of the Windows Holographic AR Platform incorporated into Windows 10 OS, which unlock all-new ways to connect, create, collaborate, and explore.

The wireless headset is able to project high-definition virtual content or holograms over real world objects, and works with apps developed for the technology; including Skype, Office and gamification.

It features high-definition 3D optical head-mounted display, with advanced sensors to allow interaction with AR applications through head movements, gestures and voice command.

Microsoft, however, believes that Windows Holographic project will be the future of computing, while bringing the digital experience into the analogue world.

Albeit, the potential of the HoloLens is enormous, but the real sizzle didn’t quite match the buzz generated. For instance, using HoloLens to play a game of horror genre, is not only terrifying, but capable of some psychological aftereffect.

The onus, therefore falls on the developers, if they can create apps with worthwhile experiences, HoloLens might perhaps be the next way to consume contents. And as Microsoft chirped, it belongs to the future - until we get there.
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