What You need to know about YouTube offline feature for Infinix Hot 2

Infinix Hot 2 is the first smartphone on Android One platform for Africa, now available in Nigeria, and 5 other African countries - namely: Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Ghana. While, YouTube's offline feature was announced in 2014 alongside the Android One, allowing users to download videos to their device for later consumption without requiring network connectivity.

Expected to debut next few months on Infinix Hot 2, offline YouTube videos playback will make it possible for people to take videos offline to watch later during short periods of low or no internet connectivity.

The videos can be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi and will be available for offline playback only through the YouTube app, accessible for up to 48 hours and are not transferable.

Install YouTube app from the Play Store, browse through videos in the apps’ window, tap the download arrow and you are presented with a number of video resolutions, simply choose the one most suitable for you.

It is recommended to download videos through a fast network (i.e, Wi-Fi), and note, not all YouTube Videos support the offline feature, so you will not be able to download all videos for offline playback.

YouTube offline feature is great for countries with slow networks and high data costs, especially in Africa, and will help users to overcome the challenges of data connection and cost to enjoy a smooth, surfing of YouTube videos.
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