YouTube Gaming: Why Twitch may not be itched a bit?

Google's take-on, YouTube Gaming is now live on iOS and Android, with purported web extension in the works. The game streaming service will offer live streaming, promotional videos, and game-play footage, with over 25,000 dedicated pages of games and live streams, alongside a number of channels from game publishers and YouTube video creators.

While, Amazon-owned, is now boasting of more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month.

Twitch is all about live streaming, where gamers can use it to see footage of video games by other users as well as broadcasts. YouTube Gaming, albeit, technically equivalent to Twitch, is still much more different than it is similar.

YouTube Gaming vs. Twitch

Monetization: Live streams will be "front and center" on YouTube Gaming, with obvious improvement in live experience that makes it simpler to broadcast your game play. But, Twitch has a mass of active and engaged users, with many of the prominent game streamers most probably reluctant to leave Twitch because of the perpetual discontent about YouTube’s model, which forces creators to channel their advertising via the platform.

On-demand Video: YouTube's capability to rewind a live stream to watch anything is simply awesome, albeit, its not the only streaming service to feature this sort of built-in DVR, but it is the only one to offer it for TI5.

Utility: YouTube’s utility far outpaced Twitch, and Twitch will have to evolve or more people will have to make the switch to Google’s alternative.

In conclusion, this competitive tussle will eventually result better game streaming experience for users, and portends improved services, far better than would have been possible if Google had succeeded in acquiring Twitch.
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