How Smart Up your Apps with Speech Recognition

The era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally here, now every smartphone down to the tiniest IoT device, even your Home systems come with some form of voice-enabling capabilities, giving rise to the term smart home and apps.

Technological developments have literally put the world into our palms, with amazing ease and magical sophistication, making rare innovations a reality, which before now were pronounced impossible. is one of the latest technologies that introduce speech recognition capabilities to your smartphone or tablet and lets you interact with your device like a personal assistant.

Though it sounds a bit Greek and Latin together, API.AI speech interface is much easier to use. And if you are an app developer, this is an absolute delight to work on, effortlessly you can enable voice commands and make your app a big hit.

Below are few simple steps for you to follow:

  1. First, implement the API for your application, which takes just a few minutes depending on project requirements.
  2. Once implementation is done, the process is quite simple and easy to follow.
  3. Select what objects will interact and work on your app.
  4. Give a description about the objects.
  5. Create actions and scenario to work on.
  6. And finally, apply the commands into your application or web service, then confirm, with a few checks the technology is embedded into your apps.

Endless Possibilities With Voice Enabled Apps

Voice commands allow us to visualize our smartphones or tablet as personal assistant. But, there are lots of options with the voice enabled apps. Still curious what this API.AI is used for?

Below are few of the possibilities of this app enhancing technology:

  1. Enables voice command for any type of application ranging from smartphones to smart televisions and even smart homes.
  2. Robots or even wearables like smartwatches can also use this technology.
  3. Absolutely flexible, you can use this across any operating system.
  4. Cross platform means it works across Unix, Python, and even day to day web apps.
  5. Around 11 languages currently supported.
  6. It is a one stop solution for voice recognition, natural language and even text to voice options.

Will This API bore a hole in your Pocket? Find Out How Much It Would Cost You – You will be Amazed!

Depending upon your requirements for the API, there are different sets of packages for different requirements. However, you're allowed to download the free version and use it endlessly.

But, if you have a commercial app and want to use the API for business, there are 2 choices for you: Pay a specific amount for each request you make, which amounts to 0.003 cents per request. Or a Shared Revenue Program – For this you need to contact another developer and make a shared deal.

There are enough start up plans to let you try and experiment at a cheaper cost. With number of queries increasing or as per demand, more flexible will your payment be through different plans customized for your benefit.
The advantage is, as your app gains popularity, you can add up features to your app with its advisory council or even by your own ideas.

What's The Bottom Line Of API?

It is a proven fact that anyone will enjoy the power of voice more than giving inputs through typing words in their smartphones or tablets. API.AI is greatly and widely acclaimd for those extra benefits that it provides users. And when you choose to develop your website or app with API you are sure never to regret your choice.
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