What you need to Protect your Mobile Devices against damage?

Smartphones are pretty popular nowadays, so too the risks associated with carrying mobile devices. You may have paid only $150 for your latest smartphone, but if you had to replace that device before you became eligible for a subsidy from your carrier, it could cost you more than $500. That's why it pays to ensure your device is protected against damages.

Exofab team spent hours on the drawing board trying to find the most effective and non-intrusive way to protect a mobile device.

The company prides itself as leading developer & manufacturer of specially designed “guards” for device protection with the use of innovative materials. After trial and error they found that a thin guard made of Smart materials will offer the same level of protection a regular case would.

Perhaps, unsatisfied with how regular mobile phone cases made our most prized possessions look like, "we searched for other alternative ways of protecting them", the company stated.

Exofab is proud to offer innovative products that provide extreme Scratch - Impact - Drop protection without sacrificing safety or appearance. Check out the company's new generation of guards that make fat and bulky mobile phone cases obsolete for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 now.
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