Yahoo's "Personalized Experience" Replaces "Do Not Track"?

Most popular websites have been circumventing users privacy settings by deliberately restoring previously deleted HTTP cookies using local storage outside the control of the browser. And the persistent tracking of users has taken a new dimension with the latest web tracking technologies, albeit, evading browser privacy settings.

Yahoo has openly in a blog post admitted that henceforth it will not honor "Do Not Track" requests made by a user's browser. But rather, it will actively attempt to track users' interactions with its site and contents for better personalized experience.

Personalized experience, on the other hand, is invariably "Personalized ads" and it means Yahoo can now tailor ads based on user's interests, gender, location and most probably income level.

And for those users who sees the tracking as exploitative, and wish to manage their privacy on Yahoo while benefiting from a personalized web experience, are advised to tailor their online experience through the variety of privacy tools accessible on Yahoo Privacy Center.

While those seeking for a routing tool to help protect their privacy online, Ghostery, a plug-in for Chrome, will be handy to protect you from third party sites.
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