Guided Search: Pinterest's Content Discovery for Mobile

Pinterest, the notorious virtual pin-board, has announced "Guided Search", a new mobile tool that taps into its massive user collection to bring the contents you’re really looking for right to the front page. Built primarily for mobile - iOS and Android, Guided Search will help users easily source for information , and also explore new frontiers on the iconic social network.

About 75 percent of Pinterest users comes via its mobile apps, stressing why a mobile-first search tool is essential to the visual pin-board’s future.

With Pinterest's ever-growing user-generated contents, it's become increasingly difficult to find what you're searching for, or useful contents amidst the massive pool of information. Therefore, the need for a search engine that's more about exploration and discovery on the social platform becomes pertinent.

The roll out of the new feature started last night for users on its mobile app, iOS and Android, while the possibility that it may land on the desktop platform remains high.
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