Google pushes +Post ads to all Advertisers

Google first introduced +Post ads to limited number of advertisers as a new way to amplify content and create conversations across the web. +Post ads differs from the conventional "social ads", instead of streaming ads within Google+, Google will run it across the web, including news portals, blogs or other webpages, allowing brands to reach a larger audience.

It let brands take a piece of their public Google+ content, like a photo or video, and turn it into an engagement ad that runs across the Google Display Network.

The conventional "social ads" as implemented on sites like Twitter and Facebook, usually tagged "sponsored" content, sandwiched between posts from friends are what users have become accustomed.

Now, users will soon start to see new ads that look like posts from Google+, but outside of the social network.

+Post ads have been made available to all advertisers who meet a minimum of 1,000 Google+ followers.

The +Post ads is kicking off with two new features - promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion - to help brands create compelling ad experiences and make it easier to extend the reach of their social content.
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