Google brings Add-on Support to Docs and Sheets

Google has launched add-on support for Docs and Sheets to better compete with Microsoft Office, according to Google Drive blog post on Tuesday. The plug-in support enables Google Docs and Sheets apps to tap into third-party plug-ins.

Google intends to tap into third-party development tools to give its Docs and Sheets additional features compared to Microsoft Office.

The add-ons support bring new tools created by Google's developer partners to give users even more features in their documents and spreadsheets. And there are several template tools as well as a Sheets plug-in to tap into Google Analytics data.

To browse through add-ons for Docs and Sheets, select Get add-ons in the Add-ons menu of any open document or spreadsheet. Once an add-on is installed, it will become available across all of your documents or spreadsheets.
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