Google Now arrives with Chrome beta on Desktop

Google Now, a virtual assistant that notify users on information such as the weather, traffic, travelling details, and upcoming reservations is moving out of the lab and onto the desktop in the beta version of Chrome. Chrome users running the beta version can see Google Now “cards” within the notifications area on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.

The company had last year hinted of an upcoming desktop version for the Google Now, which debuted on Android in 2012 as part of Google search app. And last month launched as an experimental feature within Chrome Canary.

The Google Now "cards" show up automatically if you’re already using Google Now on Android or iOS, and signed into Chrome with the same Google account.

Google Now is seen by analysts as the search giant’s biggest step towards a convergence of Chrome and Android. The "Google Now" notifications is active by default, and to disable click the bell icon in your notification area, then click the gear icon and uncheck the “Google Now” box.
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